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Home Cured & Smoked Meats - Available Spring 2017

Cured Meat is prepared using ancient techniques that avoid cooking the goodness and flavour out of meat when preparing hams and salami style sausages. Rather than cooking, cured meats are salted, spiced, coated and air-dried, usually by hanging in a specially conditioned curing room. Meats are often cured using a combination of salt, nitrates, nitrites, sugar and / or spices. We also smoke our meat - sometimes, we use a combination of curing and smoking.

Smoking, where the meat is cooked indirectly over fire, is another way of curing meat, giving it a gorgeous smoky flavor that many people prefer to other methods of curing.

We only use prime joints of our own meat from carefully selected animals. Our aim is to be as fresh and natural as we can be. We do not use artificial colouring, flavourings, emulsifiers or phosphates. All our charcuterie is made with our own carefully developed recipes, some fairly traditional and others a little more unusual. To further our range, we constantly create and test new recipes and experiment with new flavours and meats.

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