Rare Breeds Conservation & Home Cured Meats

Keyshill Rare Breed Conservation & Charcuterie

At Keyshill, our traditionally reared native rare breed flock is pasture fed and raised in an enhanced environmental landscape.

Working in partnership with local farmers to maintain and promote a rich heritage, we constantly seek to generate a sustainable and viable program of conservation and land enrichment.

We're constantly working to enhance and expand our native flock bloodlines through our selective breeding program.

We're passionate about conserving our rich farming heritage for generations to come. By promoting traditional and innovative farming practices, we're actively ensuring the restoration and continuance of insect-rich flower meadows and wildlife habitats, encouraging natural conservation, wild grasslands and a flourishing environment.

Rare Breed Conservation

All our animals are naturally reared in a diverse ecosystem in which our livestock thrive and which promotes flower meadows and an enhanced wildlife habitat.

Home-Cured Meats

We're passionate about our fresh meat & Charcuterie products. Read about our Home-Cured meat here. Order full or half boxes of our fresh meat here.

Keyshill Flock, Derbyshire

Rare Breeds Conservation in Derbyshire

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